DSC_0024 (2)I am going to camp with my ward and family tomorrow.

Emerson Sena and Brothers

Hi, my name is Emerson Sena Segundo and I am 11 years old.  As a Mormon (LDS) young man I am preparing to become a deacon on the priesthood.  I am so excited about the challenges and responsibility that will come with this great step in my life. My father is really happy too because he is the one who is going to perform the ordinance as he did at my baptism when I was 8 years old. This blog will serve to help other young men like me to ask questions or share their experiences as they grow in the priesthood and to share the life style of LDs kids around the globe. I have two brothers, Moroni and Joao Pedro whom will share their thoughts here too. So I hope you guys will enjoy and help to make this place a good source of information for those who are seqrching to know more about LDS kids.

Have a great day,

Emerson Sena II